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St. Moritz

Kick-Off Party at
St. Moritz’ famous Dracula Club

Rhätische Bahn


BGT Kick-Off Party at St. Moritz’ famous Dracula Club

Style meets Speed

Summer is slowly fading away and we have just slightly more than 2 weeks to go for the 2017 Bernina Gran Turismo edition.

As you probably might know already, on Thursday night the 21st of September, 2017, the world-famous Dracula Club in St. Moritz opens up for us exclusively! The Bernina Kick-Off Party at the coolest club around.

For those who don’t know the Dracula Club: Famed entrepreneur and colourful cosmopolite Gunter Sachs opened the world famous Club in the 1970s and soon it became the epicenter of the St. Moritz Nightlife and the international Jet Set. Today, his son Rolf Sachs, a well-known artist and designer, presides the private club which is only open to members and their friends in winter, as well as for the club’s own “Festival da Jazz” in summer. The Bernina Gran Turismo Kick-Off Party in September is the only possibility for “mere mortals” like us to get into the infamous Dracula Club.

We are extremely thankful to those people at the Dracula Club who made it possible and who want to team up with us for the coming years.

It is said that Gunter Sachs was a very pleasant bon viveur, a gentleman who enjoyed his life, very often in public. He brought a lot of friends, partners and people who had the same life philosophy to St. Moritz and changed the place for ever. Back then they were like not totally grown-up boys, enjoying life at the fullest and letting other people take part.

This sounds pretty familiar for the classic motoring & racing movement. It was the dedication to motorsports and the thrill of life what made car racing so fascinating back then! Don’t we want this time back, at least for some days? For an event amongst fellow enthusiasts who share the same view?

Today the artist and designer Rolf Sachs is equally important as an ambassador for St Moritz. As man of taste and style, Rolf Sachs says: ”The waiting list to become a member of the Dracula Club is long. It is a gathering point for friends and it is essential to know at least half of the people there.”

Bernina Gran Turismo follows the same principle: An exclusive but friendly gathering of motorsports enthusiasts from around the world. Hosted by one of the most beautiful places in the world.

The Bernina Gran Turismo Kick-Off Party will take place on

Thursday, September 21st, 2017 at 8:30 pm (door is open from 8 pm)

Tickets for the exclusive pre-race event at the Dracula Club are limited (participants of the 2017 Bernina Gran Turismo hill climb and their friends will be preferred). ,

The tickets are CHF 99 each and include all drinks of the evening (no extra costs)

To buy one of the tickets, one should send an Email which includes the full name, postal and Email address and phone number as a binding registration to info@bernina-granturismo.com

Dress Code

(or Period Costume reflecting the 1920s to the 1960s)

Autofilmtage St. Moritz

Das Bergrennen am Bernina Pass war Bestandteil der Automobilwochen St. Moritz 1929 und 1930. Im Bestreben, die Sankt Moritzer Automobilwoche wieder aufleben zu lassen, starten wir bereits in diesem Jahr mit dem Pilotprojekt einer zusätzlichen Veranstaltung. Die Autofilmtage St. Moritz finden im September 2017 erstmals parallel zur Bernina Gran Turismo statt.
In Zusammenarbeit mit Gianni Bibbia, der das Kino Scala in St. Moritz betrieben hat und heute noch durch sein Engagement dafür sorgt, dass die St. Moritzer Filmfreunde ab und zu auf ihre Kosten kommen, werden an drei Abenden im historischen Saal des Hotels Reine Victoria legendäre Filme mit Bezug zum Automobil gezeigt.

Der historische Theatersaal im Hotel Reine Victoria

Am Mittwoch, 20.09.17, 20:30 Uhr beginnt die Reihe mit „Le Mans“, dem legendären Kultfilm mit Steve McQueen, jedem Autofreund natürlich ein Begriff. Einlass ist ab 19:45 Uhr. Zu diesem Anlasse werden auch Vertreter der regionalen Presse eingeladen, weshalb vor dem Filmstart Vertreter der Gemeinde bzw. St. Moritz Tourismus eine kurze Stellungsnahme zu diesem Projekt und der damit zusammenhängenden Planung für die Zukunft geben.

Am Freitag, 22.09.2017, folgt bereits um 17:00 Uhr die Beinahe-Doku des Dauer-Duells Niki Lauda/James Hunt „RUSH – Alles für den Sieg“ und am Samstag, 23.09.17, ebenfalls um 17:00 Uhr, der aktuelle französische Actionfilm „Overdrive“.

Rhätische Bahn joins Bernina Gran Prix Hillclimb with historic trains

The Rhaetian Railway and Bernina Gran Turismo have agreed on operating two historic trains during the Bernina Gran Turismo weekend from 22nd to 24th of September!

Besides the obvious advantages of having a train line right to the finish of the race, now spectators of classic trains and spectators of the classic car race can celebrate together a unparalleled weekend of historic mobility at the Bernina Pass.

We are extremely thankful to Rhätische Bahn Director Dr. Renato Fasciati, his team of professionals and also thanks to the support of Mr. Stefan Engler, the chairman of the board of Rhätische Bahn. Not to forget Ständerat Dr. Martin Schmid and his team who also supported us incredibly in this venture to bring Bernina Gran Turismo to the next level.

The drivers and guests of the event will already be entertained on Friday afternoon with a ride in the one historic train to the Pass and Alp Grüm.

The general public can start on Saturday and Sunday with ten extra trains accomplishing the normal Bernina schedule during the racing time from St. Moritz to the Ospizio Bernina and further on to Poschiavo and back on regular RhB fairs with the following historic trains & coaches:

23.09.2017 (The Yellow Train)
Ab St. Moritz 09:15 —————- An Ospizio Bernina 09:58
Ab Pontresina 12:15 ————– An Ospizio Bernina 12:49
Ab St. Moritz 15:25 —————- An Ospizio Bernina 16:17

Ab Ospizio Bernina 10:50 ——– An Pontresina 11:23
Ab Ospizio Bernina 13:53 ——– An St. Moritz 14:35
A Ospizio Bernina 18:08 ———- An St. Moritz 18:48

23.09.2017 (Bernina Crocodile)
Ab St. Moritz 11:15 ————— An Ospizio Bernina 12:09
Ab Pontresina 14:25 ————- An Ospizio Bernina 15:10

Ab Ospizio Bernina 13:00 ——- An Pontresina 13:40
Ab Ospizio Bernina 16:00 ——- An Pontresina 16:45

24.09.2017 (The Yellow Train)
Ab St. Moritz 08:25 ——– An Ospizio Bernina 09:12 ——- An Poschiavo 10:00
Ab Poschiavo 13:55 ——- Ab Alp Grüm 14:48 ————— An St. Moritz 15:48

24.09.2017 (Bernina Crocodile)
Ab Pontresina 09:15 ————- An Ospizio Bernina 09:58
Ab Ospizio Bernina 10:50 —— An Pontresina 11:23

One historic train will go to Poschiavo to allow spectators to attend the Award Ceremony.

The history of the Rhätische Bahn is dating back to the late 19th century when brave and forward minded engineers developed a plan to bring public transport to the Engadine valleys. For sure without this endeavour the automobile and its roads may not have been encouraged to become a guest in this wonderful Swiss place.

To our knowledge there is nowhere in the world a historic hillclimb which partners up with historic trains, let alone to have a parallel route towards the pass. We feel honoured to team up with this Swiss legend of transportation during the Bernina event. And who knows where it may all lead us in the coming years?

Did we speak about UNESCO World Heritage territory? Please read more about our partners on https://www.rhb.ch/en/home and http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/1276/.

It is indeed breath-taking to imagine historic trains and historic cars in the autumn sun (yes, this year we will have sun on the race weekend) with the panorama of the Engadine mountains and especially the Bernina behind us.

For those already registered: we are delighted to see new faces this year and for those who have not enrolled: please get going! During summer, the remaining spaces in the starting grid will surely fill up.

For Spectators we have made two Spectators areas which are shown in the maps below. The different ways to arrive are either by Train or Car. A Shuttle Bus will be available to drive people up and down the Bernina Pass (when the road is open) in order for people to change Spectators area.

Both area’s will have Catering stands by Laudinella where you can enjoy an array of cold and hot beverages and food.  Please come and enjoy the local food either outside with the cars or inside in the Bernina Ospizio.


Transport Map

Please click on the Image on the left or download the PDF to see information on how to get to Bernina Gran Turismo. Included are train and bus times to arrive to the event. For more information to arrive or depart the event please go to: www.postauto.ch or www.rhb.ch

Download bus map and timetable

Spectators Viewing Area

North Spectators Area (Albergo Ospizio Bernina):

Ospizio - North Spectators Area - Bernina Gran Turismo

South Spectators Area (La Rösa, Poschiavo):

La Rösa - South Spectators Area - Bernina Gran Turismo

Paddock Area

Paddock Area - Bernina Gran Turismo